General Chat

2018-12-30 21:34:59
... Let us know what you think about this series
2018-12-31 01:25:51
whats the idea with no diff upgrade :0
2018-12-31 09:05:22
just changing things up mate! keeping you on your toes lol
2019-01-03 07:54:19
I hope you’ve got a way to check everyone’s build prior to the race then seen as a diff doesn’t add Weight or pi lol
2019-01-05 21:08:09
The no diff certainly makes it frustrating to tune....
2019-01-06 12:03:02
Yup for sure
2019-01-06 22:16:50
Hi Guys,

i have reviewed the NO DIFF on the Maserati build, due to the fact this doesn't change the weight or PI of the car Race Diff will be added to the build!
2019-01-07 13:27:10
oh man, haha, will have to go re-tune Wink but this does make that car a lot easier to drive!
2019-01-21 04:41:59
when will the live timing screen be made available?
2019-01-21 11:43:13
Hey guys i edited my registration post.
So i changed to LGTR Martini Racing and will full fill their Team as the third driver, so i will be also participating in the Teamranking not in Privateers
2019-01-24 20:19:57
well thinking about the laptimes that are gonna be run qually should be over? sadly no invite
2019-01-26 15:58:33
Chaps if anyone missed the stream for A lobby, or wants to see it again along with some chilled music then check out my youtube:
2019-01-31 13:30:05
can somebody please change team and remove me from the privateer standings as it’s still not been done, also the BMR team standings will need to be updated. thanks