Rules & Regs

2018-12-30 21:36:02
Live Timing

The live timing will be made available in the relevant area on the ORL website, a link will be made available for direct access to the spreadsheet.

Livery Requirements

Sides: The ORL number board needs to be placed at the front of the doors directly under the wing mirror on both doors. The number font and colour is dependent on the team, providing the number can be seen clearly.

Roof: The ORL URL needs to be placed at the rear of the roof by the rear window, not on the wing or spoiler, facing rearwards. The colour can be changed to suit your livery providing it is clearly visible.

Please search for gamertag FOZ21 or description ORL to find these decals.


Points will be awarded based on the following finishing positions:

Any incidents can reported to the ORL Stewards Team by using the form on the ORL website.

Incidents need to be reported within 24 hours of the end of the event.

Only racers involved in an incident can report that incident.